New Bound Book (Professional Version)

Selecting Bound Book from the menu will display the Bound Book window. Click the Add Firearm button to add a new firearm.

 These are the fields on the Add Firearm window:

Manuf / Importer will allow will allow you to select a new image or update an existing image.
Model model number of the firearm.
Serial Number serial number of the firearm.
Type will be one of the following:
  • Cannon
  • Submachine gun or machine pistol
  • Granade Launcher
  • Machine Gun
  • Mortar Launcher
  • Pistol (automatic)
  • Pistol (bolt action)
  • Pistol (darringer)
  • Pistol (flintlock/muzzle loader)
  • Pistol (semi-automatic)
  • Pistol (jet propelled)
  • Pistol (revolver)
  • Pistol (single shot)
  • Pistol (percussion)
  • Rifle (automatic)
  • Rifle (bolt action)
  • Rifle (carbine)
  • Rifle (flitlock/muzzle loader)
  • Rifle (semi-automatic)
  • Rifle (lever action)
  • Rifle (pump action)
  • Rifle/Shotgun Combination
  • Rifle (single shot)
  • Rifle (percussion)
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shotgun (bolt action)
  • Shotgun (double barrel)
  • Shotgun (semi-automatic)
  • Shotgun (over/under)
  • Shotgun (pump action)
  • Shotgun (single shot)
  • Silencer, Muffler/Sound Modifier
Caliber caliber of the firearm.
Purchase Price price paid for the firearm.
Date date the firearm was purchased.
Under Lic select the FFL license the firearm was purchased under, otherwise select Not Applicable.
Name and Address or License No. Name and Address of the seller or their License No..

On the Add Firearm window, select the Image button if you would like to view/update an image of the receipt.

The Select Image button will allow you to browse to the location of the image of a firearm receipt. 
The Remove Image will allow you to remove the association of a firearm receipt without removing the firearm or bound book entry.

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