List/Edit/Delete Carry Permit

Selecting Carry Permit -> List from the menu will allow you view, edit, and delete Carry Permits.

The default view is to list all created Carry Permits. To Edit a Carry Permit, double click the entry you want to modify. This will put that data item in edit mode. Each data item can be editted directly in the grid.

To Delete a Carry Permit, highlight the row by selecting the row that you want to delete. Hit the delete key. You will be asked to confirm deletion of the Carry Permit. You can also right click on any row, and select Delete Entry . This will also delete the record.

Carry Permit Image Editing

Right clicking on a row allows you to edit the FFL image uploaded.


The following table lists the image editting options:

Delete will delete the carry permit - both picture and description of permit
Remove Image will allow will allow you to remove an image from the carry permit
Upload Image will allow you to select a new image or update an existing image
Zoom Image will allow you to zoom in on the image to view its details.

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