Firearm List - Search

Selecting Firearm List from the menu displays the searching and filter criteria fields.  Enter your filter criteria and click the magnifying glass to begin your search. When a filter is active, the Filter Value will be highlighted with a green value. The number of firearm entries that meet the criteria will be listed in the Entries drop down. A count will also be listed indicating the total number of firearms found during search. To clear the filter, select No Filter in the first drop down.

Filter Criteria:

Filter Category will be one of the following:
  • No Filter
  • Description: Serial #
  • Description: Model
  • Description: Manuf/Importer
  • Description: Type
  • Description: Caliber
  • Receipt: License
  • Receipt: From
  • Description: To
  • Description: Driver's License
  • Description: Alien ID
  • Description: Other Id
Filter Equality will be one of the following:
  • Contains
  • Equal To
  • Less Than
  • Greater Than
  • NOT Equal
  • Does NOT Contain
Filter Value enter a value to be searched for

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