e Firearm Information Repository Environment
Firearm Information Repository Environment (F.I.R.E.)

F.I.R.E. is your management tool for FFL licenses, carry permits, and record keeping for firearm acquisitions and dispositions (bound book). Whether you are a novice, a serious collector, or a licensed FFL shop, FIRE can maintain your firearm information. The FIRE professional version meets ATF requirements defined in ATF Ruling 2008-02. The reporting system allows you to run reports on carry permits, firearms, and bound book entries. Should any firearms become stolen, a police report can be run to provide the police with all necessary information on the stolen firearms. F.I.R.E. is your one source for personal and professional firearms management.

There are 3 versions of FIRE: a Free Version, a Small Collector Version, and the Professional Version. Refer to the edition comparison for details on what is supported in each version.

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