* some functionality is restricted.
We are certain that F.I.R.E. will meet, or exceed, your needs for maintaining records about your firearms. To prove it to you, we provide this version for FREE.

This version is completely free of charge to use for as long as you want. No expiration! No commitments! It is the same great product as the Professional Edition*. If you prefer one of the other editions, use this Free Edition to try before you buy. Click here to compare all editions.

Installation Guide

Installing F.I.R.E. is easy; Just run the install executable (EXE) and follow the prompts!
The first time the application is run, it will prompt for the owner information (fancy way of saying your name, address and phone number). This information is used on the various reports and to prefill values on entry screens where applicable. That's it, your done and ready to F.I.R.E.!